Less Talk more Rock Questions


What does 1,3,2 mean when creating something?

The 1,3,2 process is the idea of conceptualizing and having the idea and then going about working on that idea and and making it an actual thing. The reason why this is done is to have a sample of the product and to show that it is a feasible one.

Why is this so important for specifically visual creation?

Its important because if we go the traditional 1,2,3 route most games would not have a single foot out the door before they are shut down. Its important for visual creations to go through the 1,3,2 route in order to get ahead and have more time to create a compelling example of what is being made, because if you don’t implement the idea its only just and idea written down on paper without anything to back it up with on whether it will do well or if it is even possible.


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